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Most of these products have different chemical make up so not to bother the other sex’s skin so complain more.

I don’t think there is a lot of difference between the skin of females and males

One I didn’t include was that they had cordial for females and males.


But discontinued.

A Clinique sales person told me a long time ago that the men products were the same, just rebranded and much cheaper

What do you mean the doors stuck, try jiggling the handle.

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Illuminated Cut Paper Lightboxes by Hari and Deepti

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Up til now, the script had called for Alana having lasagna with Hannibal. I got my first clue there would be a thigh roasting when I heard my phone chirping just after midnight as I’m on my way home. It’s Bryan Fuller asking cheerfully, “Hi Everyone! We would like to so a Braised Roast of Eddie Izzard’s thigh. This shoots Friday (tomorrow). Any interesting tidbits about history of roast…or anecdote…? What can we do with a whole joint – bone and all…”

Jose Andres, our food consultant in DC, replies with a suggestion of cooking the roast in clay so Hannibal can lecture Gideon about man being made of clay and returning to clay. It’s 1 o’clock in the morning.


Janice Poon, the Hannibal food stylist. If you aren’t reading her blog, I honestly don’t know what you’re doing with your life. (via magneticwave)

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Jarv’s character Appreciation  
           ↳Cougar in The Losers

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Writing a Romance Novel For Dummies

From Writing a Romance Novel For Dummies by Leslie Wainger

"She is so cool. She’s the best. On the set, if you don’t have a director’s chair with your name on it you end up sitting on the floor and being in everyone’s way, which just causes more stress. Neither Juliet nor I had chairs. Sarah finally went up to the producers and said, ‘Look, these guys have done seven episodes so far, they are going to be in it until the end of the season, can we get them some chairs? I’ll pay for them.’ I thought that was so classy. She’s very intelligent, very strong, and very articulate. Basically, she makes 22 one-hour movies a year and she always knows her lines. She’s in almost every shot. I can’t say enough about her. I like her a lot as a person and as a co-worker. To some people she has a bit of a boundary because she’s a big star and people will take from her as much as she’s willing to give, so she protects herself because she needs to." - James Marsters on Sarah Michelle Gellar

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